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Ahl, Steffen

Date of birth16.03.67
LanguagesGerman, English, Italian
Tel. +49 176 62024973
Email stahlfy@gmail.com

I am a German architect with about 20 years of international experience in architecture and Master planning of various phases and scales.

After a period abroad since 2018 back to Germany I have experiences at doing building permissions, administration and coordination work applying my skills and competence on architectural and urban design with focus on sustainability.

Working in Europe and Asia between 2001 and 2017 has given me a very dynamic experience at different planning phases of mid-size and large scale projects, from the blue-print stage through to the executive, experiencing architectural, construction- and technical knowledge, executive planning, coordination work and preparing physical and virtual models.

My recent qualification as a DGNB consultant speaks to my interest of integrating eco- and sustainability schemes in project-orientated work. Currently I'm working at a construction company focusing on administration work. Prior to that I was employed in an architectural firm and in a development company.


My freelance employments between 2001 and 2017 have seen me integrated in international design firms in Europe, North Africa and Asia where I tried to applied and hone my skills in order to run projects, providing consultancy and coordination work. I’m used to independent and self-motivated work, often in team leading positions.

Widely experienced and proved work experiences:

  • urban Master planning
  • architectural from preliminary to approval planning
  • concept design (focus on sustainability, competitions and direct commissions)
  • coordination work, scheduling
  • preparing architectural models

Since I started working out of Europe my professional activities gained a focus on urban planning.

From 2014 till 2017 I held as Design Director c./o. RSP Design Consultants (India) Pvt.Ltd. in Bangalore (India) . After studying and working in Germany till 2001, my passion for history and art facilitated my move to Italy. In 2009 I followed an appointment as Senior of ECOU urban and architectural design team in Tripoli (Libya). It started there and developed further in Beijing (China) from 2011 till 2014 where I learned to handle large scale Master planning projects, due to my experiences often as team leader. Urban Master planning mixed with architectural design characterized also my job profile at RSP in India.

Urban planning:

  • high rise residential settlements, including facilities for business, leisure activities and shopping
  • business developments for the IT sector (in India)
  • high rise business district (new town center - competition) including a museum, exhibition facilities, art galeries, conference and performance center, residential areas
  • planning of access and traffic solutions including parking strategies

In Europe, I was working on an urban planning scale in:

  • reconstruction of street spaces in historical centres (incl. lighting, urban furniture)
  • urban analysis (guideline catalogue for urban development's of historical towns; guideline catalogue to develop an historical housing settlement)
  • environmental facility studies and planning (landscape and green planning of private and public space; design of a neighbourhood square)

and architectural scale in:

  • residential planning
  • office planning (a firm headquarter; a bank building - competition)
  • transport project (a railway station for high speed train network; a multi-storey parking lot; covered bus station)
  • industrial planning (production space in micro-electronic sector; a workshop pavilion)
  • planning for sport functions (indoor and outdoor)
  • hotel (a courtyard hotel; transformation of a residence into a boarding house)
  • educational (a school; university enlargement; kindergarten)
  • cultural (an open air theatre upon an ancient roman ruin)
  • institutional (mixed use cultural centre - competition)
  • hotels and accommodation
  • museum (restoring and enlargement of an exhibition hall; a museum)
  • housing (private housing, social housing, housing for groups with special needs like students and elderly people)
  • apartment (renovation)
  • mixed use (retail, office spaces, fitness and indoor and outdoor sport functions, gastronomy, housing)
  • transformation in an urbanistic scale (conversion of an industrial zone into a residential area, another in an educational and retail centre) and in an architectural scale

Freelance professional employment

2022 - 2022

Architect at Antczak Germany GmbH, Berlin

  • building site coordination
  • administration work for ongoing building site
2021 - 2022

Architect at Quadriga Planquadrat GmbH, Berlin

  • architecture and urban design related services at the development company
  • develoment analysis of building plots
2018 - 2020

Architect at PSP Berlin, Germany

  • Building applications: residential buildings
  • Feasibility studies architecture
2014 - 2017

Design Director c/o. RSP Design Consultants (India) Pvt ltd., Bangalore, India; Managing Director: Arunjot Singh Bhalla, www.rspindia.net

  • Master planning: Urban design for townhouse settlements and hight rise residential buildings; traffic planning
  • Architecture: Residential planning, Clubhouse design
2014 - 2014

Architect c/o. RTW in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Hotel design support (running project)
2013 - 2014

Urban designer and architect at German Engineering and Technology (GET), Ms. Gabriella Fuchs and Dr. Jinghua Shen, Beijing, China

  • Master planning: Projects proposals for investments in the private health care sector; residential projects for detatched houses, areas with facilities; Urban design, landscape and environmental design
  • Architecture: Modernization project of a shopping centre in Beijing
2012 - 2013

Urban designer and architect c/o. Architecture Studio IV of China Architecture Design & Research Group, Beijing, Department Chief: Mr. Zhou

  • Master planning: City development projects of high rise residential areas with facilities; Urban design, landscape and environmental design
  • Architecture: Hotel planning
2011 - 2012

Senior architect and urban planner c/o. Rheinschiene GmbH – Beijing branch, Managing Directors Arch.Wolf Loebel and Arch.Li Ran, Beijing, China (www.rheinschiene.net)

  • Master planning, urban and architectural design
  • Team leading
  • Project coordination
2009 - 2011

Urban planner and project architect c/o. ECOU – Engineering and Consultancy Office for Utilities, Ex-Chairman Dr.Ahmed D. Lakhder, Tripoli, Libya (www.ecou.ly)

  • Master planning and urban design responsible of a 250 housing units and facilities project in the desert of Abunjeym, Libya
  • Architectural projects
  • Project coordination of several projects of urban- and architectural design
2009 - 2009

Urban planner c/o. Architektengemeinschaft Hugk&Sellengk, Chief Architects Ulli Hugk and Hanna Sellengk, Weimar, Germany

  • Urban restoration: Executive design for restoration of the historical market square in Poessneck, Germany and in Altenburg; further reconstruction of street spaces in historical centres
  • Environmental facility studies and planning (landscape and green planning of private and public space; design of neighbourhood environments)
2008 - 2009

Project architect at the architectural practice Officina del Disegno, Chief Architect Firouz Galdo, Rome, Italy (www.firouzgaldo.com)

  • Responsible for inception design, drawings and presentation sheets of a housing project in Rome
2009 - 2009

Urban planner at the Urban design practice Architektengemeinschaft Hugk&Sellengk, Chief Architect Ulli Hugk and Hanna Sellengk, Weimar, Germany

  • Executive design for restoration of the historical market square in Poessneck, Germany
  • Project bound research for urban restoration in Altenburg, Germany
2007 - 2008

Project architect and leader of the model workshop at the architectural practice Studio Valle Progettazioni, Chief Architect Prof. Tommaso Valle, Rome, Italy (www.studiovalle.com)

  • Responsible for concept design, drawings and presentation sheets of an architectural competition for an office-complex in Dubai
  • Responsible for preparation of presentation-quality models for the Studio's exhibition "50 Years of Architecture" (www.archimagazine.com/astudiovalle.htm)
2006 - 2007

Full-time project architect at Studio Prof. Vincenzo Giorgi, collaborating with Architects Valrio De Divitiis and Anna Cornaro, Rome, Italy (www.giorgiarchitetto.it)

  • Responsible for preliminary, definitive and executive planning, of residential buildings comprising a multipurpose, mixed used sports centre in Rome
  • Environmental facility-studies, landscape and green planning; design of public and private space
  • Strong executive architectural planning with detailing and providing documentation sets of projects in progress
  • Coordination work between architect colleagues, the client, constructors, the engineer's office and collaborators
  • Architectural models for running projects
2005 - 2006

Professional model builder at the Workshop ArchDelta, Geom. Felice Patacca, Rome, Italy

  • Collaboration on representational models
2002 - 2005

Contract architect for A.B.D.R. Architect Associates (www.abdr.it), Chief Architect Prof. Paolo Desideri, Rome, Italy

  • Detailed executive planning of the new station for the High Speed Train service at Roma-Tiburtina
  • Detailed planning for a glass pavilion upon an existing exhibition hall
  • Competitions
2001 - 2002

Autonomous work as architect in Salerno (south Italy); collaboration with the architects Roberto LaGuardia and Alessandro Napoli

  • Executive planning for the restoration of an historic pathway
  • Concept design for student housing, based upon a pre-existing urban project
  • Concept design and environmental facility studies for three abandoned industrial areas within an urban context
  • Concept design and facility studies for a residential complex
  • Architectural project for pavilions in an urban park
  • Design concept for the transformation of a rural court into residential apartments
  • Project to transform a residential building into an boarding house
  • Competition "Emergency Residence" for homeless people
  • Executive planning for the renovation of an apartment (realized)
1996 - 1997

Urban designer c/o. the Office of urban planning Hugk & Sellengk, Weimar, Germany

  • Town planning in historical centres
  • Environmental studies, urban analysis, concept and strategy development
  • Landscape planning
1992 - 1993

Intership at the design studio ‘Kouros' - care of Prof. Roberto Tapinassi and Prof. Mauro Lipparini, Florence, Italy

Educational Qualifications and Certifications

2011 - 2012

Registration as Architect c/o. ARB, UK (registration no. 078214I)

2011 - 2011

BREEAM International Assessor, BRE Global, Watford, UK

  • License

Arch. Steffen Ahl is entitled (licensed) to carry out BREEAM assessments. The licence is issued in accordance with Terms & Conditions (PN 173 and PN173-11) and Scheme Document SD5070 of BRE-Global.
As a BRE Global licensed organisation Mr Ahl has been added to the BRE list of licensed assessors on www.greenbooklive.com.

2011 - 2011

Qualification as Solarfachberater Photovoltaik c/o. Solarschule Thueringen, Germany

1997 - 2001

Study grant from DAAD and from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Prof. Gabriela Esposito-Quaroni

  • Research in modern urbanistics of Rome
1997 - 2001

Tutor of the "Summer Academy", required by the teaching post of architectural theory and planning, Prof. Gerd Zimmermann, Bauhaus University, Weimar

1999 - 2001

Master of Science degree (MSc) in "European Urbanistics" at the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany

  • Master in urban sociology with a urban-philosophic theme (marks 110 with first class honours)
1997 - 1997

Student at the University for Foreigners, Siena, Italy

1995 - 1996

Work at various studios of architecture and urbanistics

1988 - 1995

Diploma in architecture at the Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany (marks 110 with first class honours)

  • Diploma theme: ‘Invention and planning of a post-graduate institute for social sciences, history and philological studies', Schulpforte, Germany
1991 - 1993

University assistant at the teaching post of Planning I, Bauhaus University Weimar, Prof.Dr.habil. Dieter Salzmann