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Vertical Clubhouse Trichi Road - Coimbatore (India)

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Clubhouse over 13 floors

Clubhouse over 13 floors


Vertical Clubhouse Trichi Road - Coimbatore (India)

Architectural Design (Bangalore)


The verical clubhouse over 13 floors fills the prominent corner at the apartment block at Trichi Road in Coimbatore. Among a series of options the Client choose to integrate the clubhouse as a vertical one for its novelty.

All the indoor functions of the club are piled up and they are alternated with three sky gardens, starting with a galery lobby at ground floor, a creche at first floor plus sky garden. There are three ways of moving throughout the building: by a stepped ramp, by elevator or a stair case. Moving further up come several games rooms, a mini theater, a large assembly hall with sky garden (double height) and, finally, a fitness studio over 2 floors with an open terrace for its use on top which leads to the pool area on the roof top of the west wing.

All the clubhouse is wrapped around with an expressive ramp which moves in two directions. It can be used for sports as well.

Birds eye view of the apartment block and the villa settlement

Birds eye view of the apartment block and the villa settlement

Clubhouse at the corner

Clubhouse at the corner

Elevation South

Elevation South

Elevation West

Elevation West



Site Plan and Site Section

Site Plan and Site Section

Clubhouse - Section

Clubhouse - Section

Apartment Building - Floorplan

Apartment Building - Floorplan