Out of Berlin Housing - Falkensee (Germany)

More Generation Community House - Berlin (Germany)

Community House - Berlin (Germany)

Hotel and Boarding house - Meerbusch (Germany)

Classic style Villa, 2 apartments - Berlin (Germany)

Four apartments Garden house - Berlin (Germany)

Primary school in the Al Musahab Marshes - Basra (Iraq)

SAP Front Building - Bangalore (India)

Prestige Tower at GIFT City - Surat (India)

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Clubhouse - Heze (China)

Office Tower facade design #2 - Shenzhen (China)

Office Tower facade design #1 - Shenzhen (China)

Minimal House - Tangerm√ľnde (Germany)

Casa Umbra - Umbrian house (Italy)

Straw Bale House - Schönhausen (Germany)

Hotel - Weifang (China)

Kindergarten - Heze (China)

Clubhouse - Buchang (China)

Tiburtina Station - realized - Rome (Italy)

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Shopping Mall CNNC - (China)

Indian Urban House - Dehli (India)

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Elyes' House #2 - Tunis-Marsa (Tunisia)

Jalal's House - Tripoli (Libya)

Elyes' House #1 - Tunis-Marsa (Tunisia)

Mosque - Abunjeym (Libya)

Housing unit B of 200 dwellings in the desert - Abunjeym (Libya)

Villa type A - Al'Aqaylah (Libya)

Villa type B - Al'Aqaylah (Libya)

Tre Fontane residential project - Rome (Italy)

Dubai Silicon Oasis #2 - Dubai (UAE)

Dubai Silicon Oasis #1 - Dubai (UAE)

Competition City castle / Humboldtforum - Berlin (Germany)

Jumeirah beach villa - Dubai (UAE)

Model Workshop Pavilion - Rome (Italy)

Residential Building with 38 Apartments - Rome (Italy)

Multipurpose Centre Magliana - Rome (Italy)

Backdrop for an ancient Roman theatre - Gubbio (Italy)

Wall section at Tiburtina Railway Station - Rome (Italy)

Reconstruction NRW-Bank - Münster (Germany)

Nursery for San Camillo Forlanini Hospital - Rome (Italy)

Competition Senior Citizens Home - Bolzano (Italy)

Residential buildings for earthquake victims - Cava de'Tirreni (Italy)

Transformation of a residence into a boarding house - Eredita (Italy)

Parkside gym - Casalnuovo di Napoli (Italy)

Student Housing - Baronissi (Italy)

Refurbishment of an apartment - Angri (Italy)

Section A-A

Section A-A


Casa Umbra - Umbrian house (Italy)

Project (Rome / Beijing)


In the "Carpini", a location not far from Gubbio in Umbria (Italy), the client posesses a small plot in the countryside. His intention is to build a small weekend retreat as a double house. While one part is for his own use the other gets sold out in order to finance the whole intervention.

Entering from south the building is elevated of 1.30m and the entrance goes first through an entrance courtyard. This solution is the result of the dislevel, but also takes into account that the provincial street passes directly at the south so that I decided to lift the building over street level, giving a closed facade to the Ground floor (with the kitchen behind, which faces east) and a generous glazing at the upper floor to catch the spectacular view of the valley.

The project foresees a small house of two storeys, cladded in narural stone. The ground floor is organized all around a fireplace. With severals sliding doors the central fireplace can become a cut out part whether of the kitchen, the pool ot of the dining room. Besides the fireplace a heating wall along the staircase provides warmth in cold seasons.

Important was the bathroom. Facing the garden side at north it's fit out with a spacious pool. On the upper floor there are the living room, a bedroom and a terrace. In order to give the building a clear orientation the living room orientates south.

Ground floor

Ground floor

First floor

First floor

Section C-C

Section C-C

Elevation south

Elevation south

Elevation North

Elevation North

Elevation West (E-E)

Elevation West (E-E)

Elevation East

Elevation East